In this video I wrap up our tour of the development of Windows XP with build number 2481, a pre-RTM build that heralded the completion of the GUI and out-of-box hardware compatibility for Windows XP, and was handed out to testers on 1st June 2001. Over the next few months, compiled builds were virtually identical and their primary function was to root out any last minute bugs that might wreak havoc on the projected release date of 25th October 2001. Thankfully, XP shipped as planned on this date, and firmly took its place in history as one of the most well-loved Windows operating systems.

Virtual machine hardware specifications:
-256MB RAM
-Intel Core 2 Quad processor @ 2.40GHz
-Virtualisation by VirtualBox 4.1.12

More details on the development of Windows XP:…

Windows Whistler Build 2481 is fully © Microsoft Corporation. This video – and the OS installation – is for illustration purposes only and the installation was removed after filming.

Introduction music, “Windows Welcome Music”, is fully © Microsoft Corporation 2001 and is distributed in its original (extended) form as part of all Windows XP installs. Audio remastering with thanks to YouTube user “Romanustube”.