(Crikey, I sound so young here. :|)

In this video I demonstrate the setup and UI of Windows Whistler Beta 1, build 2296, which would eventually evolve into Windows XP. This was the first of the Beta 1 builds and was released on 31st October 2000.

Virtual machine hardware specifications:
-512MB RAM
-Intel Core 2 Quad processor @ 2.40GHz
-Virtualisation by VirtualBox 4.1.12

More details on the development of Windows XP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Developm…

Windows Whistler Beta 1 (Build 2296) is fully © Microsoft Corporation. This video – and the OS installation – is for illustration purposes only and the installation was removed after filming.

Introduction music, “Windows Welcome Music”, is fully © Microsoft Corporation 2001 and is distributed in its original (extended) form as part of all Windows XP installs. Audio remastering with thanks to YouTube user “Romanustube”.

P.S. I am aware that the Windows ME and Windows 2000 bootscreens in the introduction ident should be swapped to be chronologically correct. :P