In this video, I provide an overview of the development of Microsoft Windows XP. This is the introductory video to an entire video series I have made which explores the development of XP. The development process began with Microsoft Codename Neptune in December 1999 and ended with the release to manufacturing of Windows XP in August 2001.

DISCLAIMER: As I’m sure you can appreciate, information on some of the Whistler/XP builds is difficult to find and is often documented vaguely or, sometimes, entirely incorrectly. Therefore, errors due to misinformation do occur. In cases where I have found evidence necessitating the correction of the information presented, I have made this clear within the videos by adding annotations. For that reason, I recommend that you TURN ANNOTATIONS ON during the videos so that you will be aware of any corrections where they have been made.

More details on the development of Windows XP:…

Neptune, Odyssey, Windows XP and all Windows XP pre-RTM builds are fully © Microsoft Corporation.

Introduction music, “Windows Welcome Music”, is fully © Microsoft Corporation 2001 and is distributed in its original (extended) form as part of all Windows XP installs. Audio remastering with thanks to YouTube user “Romanustube”.