Channel Art - Windows on Windows XP

Hi, this is Nazmus Khandaker, the associate administrator of McAkins Online. I have some great news to share with our readers. I am pleased to announce a new partnership with Windows on Windows.

Windows on Windows is a YouTube series that explores the development of Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is run by a user named MajorSky17. He takes beta builds of various releases of Microsoft Windows and does a demonstration of them through videos on YouTube.

So here’s what is happening with the partnership


With this partnership, I am happy to announce that the video content will be made available on this site on a regular basis, starting next week. We will post a video twice a week. We will begin with the development of Windows XP, then move to Windows 95, and then proceed to Windows Vista. This means that every week, you will see two videos posted on this site. We hope you enjoy the videos.

By next week, God Willing, we should have a new page on this website dedicated to Windows on Windows. From this page, will be able to watch any videos we have posted thus far.


I was planning to create a forum for the McAkins Online community. However, with the partnership with Windows on Windows, I have decided to combine our efforts and have one forum for all us Windows Enthusiasts. I am making the Windows on Windows forum the official community forums for McAkins Online.

I will have more information soon. Until then, you can head over to the forum by clicking the link on the main menu of this website.

Welcome MajorSky17

I would like to introduce to our readers MajroSky17. He is a new member of McAkins Online and he is the person responsible for the Windows on Windows content that you will come to love. A hand for MajorSky17

Moor Soon

With this partnership, we are just getting started. We have other plans to further develop both McAkins Online and Windows on Windows. I will have more details when we get closer to these plans. Until then, I sincerely wish you enjoy the videos.


Nazmus Shakib Khandaker

Associate Administrator