“This thing called Orange doesn’t look like Apple, doesn’t have Apple color, it doesn’t taste like Apple, an Apple can have a worm, but this Orange thing can’t even tolerate a worm”.

Here we go again. Another Microsoft Hardware/Platform launch, followed by rounds of Reviews from people who has little or no interest in Microsoft, neither do they use Microsoft’s products as goto tools in their daily routine.

The whole Tech “Journalist” world is full of hypocrites who unabashedly tout their much beloved Apple gadgets in a Microsoft hardware launch, gets a piece of Microsoft hardware on loan to review, go home an write a review of Microsoft product on their much beloved MacBooks. How skewed can our world be. You’re asking a fanboy to give a fair assessment of a competition’s product. It is so ridiculous that my buddy @WinObs twitted the following picture of the launch:


How can you expect to get anything fair from this? So what do you get, you get that title picture above. A breakdown of Verge’s review score of Surface Pro 3. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good score. Surface Pro 3 got an 8 on The Verge. That is a landslide. Windows devices average 6 on The Verge, so an 8 is definitely party material in Redmond.

But that is the whole problem. Go on ahead if you haven’t and read the review. I am so sick and tired of the stupid constant comparison to Apple product. If you’re an alien that dropped on planet Earth and read the internet for the first time, you’ll think Apple is the only manufacturer of anything good on this planet. I no Apple person, I don’t intend to buy Apple product. As a Windows person, I want to know how this device compare to my current Microsoft devices. Period.

So, how can The Verge ask a known Apple fanboy to review a Windows product? Why is someone like Tom Warren that has been covering Windows platform for years not given the honor? Are they afraid MS might get a higher score from Tom than an Apple product? There is something there under the Surface. Pun intended. Yeah, I know. Tom lives in UK. Ship an overnight delivery to the guy. Period.

So there you have the review, 8 for Design, an 8. Surface Pro 3 is a feat of engineering for a mobile device on the planet right now in terms of design, and you dare give it an 8? That Hinge alone deserves nothing less than 10. It’s a breakthrough technology.

But have you also noticed something new, something good? There’s a 9 for the Ecosystem! Wow! The Store has been getting six forever at The Verge for Ecosystem, now it’s a nine. And still in the Review, the reviewer sings the broken song of not enough Apps in the Store.

In conclusion, now the very reason I put up this post: The Pen! Have you seen the Pen in that Score? No, no pen, no Inking. Addition of the Pen and its integration with OneNote should have tipped this Review score to 10 as far as I am concerned. For a Student, a Doctor, an Artist or an Engineer or Architect, nothing on this planet compares to Surface Pro 3 at the moment because of the pen and it’s integration. But for MB-toting yuppie it’s nothing of worth.

And that is what I mean by comparing Apples with Oranges. A MacBook doesn’t have a Pen, heck, it doesn’t even have touch. Neither does iPad have a Pen (don’t talk to me about carbon styli). So there you go, there is nothing in Apple camp for a fanboy to compare with so, it doesn’t reflect in the score. Like the adage goes, if Apple doesn’t have it, it doesn’t exist.

Then I say, if you can’t compare the pen and inking on Surface Pro 3, throw it in their with design. Then the Design scale would/should have tipped to 12 as far as I am concerned.

I am just so tired of lack of objectivity of these so called journalists. It is so bad that Microsoft have to steep very low at the Launch to Joanna who as you can see in the shot from Richard is a MacBook touting iPhan. At a point I was afraid MS would start licking Joanna’s boots in the hall.

So who oh who will bring sanity back to Tech news reporting. There are just too few people left standing. An 8 for Design of Surface Pro 3? What an insult!