Microsoft is rolling out changes to the Store to enhance App discoverability. The Store has gone awesome with the introduction of Windows 8.1, and now MS is even making Apps front and center in the new Store Refresh.

Before you have this:


Now you have this:


The hidden Categories and menu in the App bar are also now persistent as follows:


Unfortunately, this is another departure from the Metro UX guideline that promises the full screen for the app. New users are having issues with discoverability, and this is better too for Mouse users that have taken priority for MS again.

Finally, with this Store version, Microsoft is finally introducing Universal App purchase in the Store. Devs can now list their universal apps together in the Store giving users to download for various devices! Here is a shot of that feature:


This Icon denotes Universal Apps:


You can read all about it in the Source link below.

Source: Microsoft’s Windows Experience Blog