Our favourite MS tweeterer and Trekkie-extraordinaire Brandon LeBlanc posted this blog post today to inform that the power of Bing, the same that powers our lovely Cortana is now in Windows 8 common search feature or “Smart Search” as Microsoft likes to call it. Before you only search as always with keywords, now you can input search in Natural Language in the Windows 8 search box, and Bing has got your back to understand your intent and bring you relevant result.

Below is Brandon post excerpt:

Bing Smart Search was first introduced as part of Windows 8.1 this last fall allowing you to swipe or type from your Start screen to find what you need like documents on your PC, a photo album in the cloud, your favorite app, or a website. Today, Bing has announced they are making improvements to Smart Search in Windows 8.1.


Of course these are just baby steps towards full Cortana’s presence on Windows 8, you can’t get Windows to perform any action for now, but the improvements to search and power of Cortana’s ability to understand can already be made available to Windows 8 users. Yet another reason to use the Smart Search feature the more. For me, I cannot wait to meet Cortana in her full glory on Windows 8. Bring it on Siri and Watson. Ok, and G-Now, whatever. Smile