Yes, XP is approaching end of life, and as Microsoft promised, since last Saturday the Nag Screen update has been rolling out as shown by Mikko here below:

I am a bit disappointed here Microsoft. By making this nag screen optional, a lot many will just choose not to install the nagware and continue to use XP without being nagged to death. (By installing the update Manually that is.)

Don’t get me wrong, I perfectly understand why MS did not install the update without asking the users, that is a Class-Action suit-in-waiting. There will be some losers (or greedy Lawyers) who will squeeze the daylight out of MS for surreptitiously installing the nagware. The argument will be “I paid for this software, why should I be nagged to death, etc etc”. You know how it goes.

I would have preferred a solution in which MS comes with a big Dialog screen, possibly with Clippy that says, “This OS is about to expire, are you sure you want to keep using it? Continuation to use will void MS of any legalities…etc etc”. Let individual profile users click “Yes” for the dialog and you’re scott-free then MS. If people want to live in the Stone-age, who are we to prevent them. Only don’t come and complain about your woes on the internet as from next month.

Once again people, “STEP  AWAY FROM A BROKEN OS!!
When XP was released, Internet was still a hobby, now it is a War Zone! You don’t go to war with toys!