OK, guilty as charged. I confess it is not often we feature Windows Phone Apps on this blog as we feel others are doing better jobs at that. Looking at you guys at Smile

But sometimes something comes along we feel strongly about and such is it with this app Voices Admin in the Phone Store. Our buddy Marco Siccardi informed us of his selfless effort to get Windows Phone and Windows 8 users heard by providing Devs an easy to use tool to manage their users’ suggestions and feedbacks on the popular site. If you’re a Dev on the go, you can now have these valuable feedbacks with you and be on the know what your users are thinking about your app. Even Microsoft uses, so go figure.

This is how Marco described the app in the Phone Store:

This is the closed Beta for UserVoice Admin. If you want to get in, contact @msicc via Twitter.

If you are using UserVoice for Feedback and Support, you can now handle your UserVoice account from your Windows Phone!

new in BETA
– renamed app to Voices Admin
– provides option to open FAQ for solving ‘unauthorized access’ error after selecting API client

new in BETA
– fixed error when the selected API client has no callback url
– pull to refresh for main listboxes (reloads always first page)
– fixed error when tapping on interaction tiles while data is loaded on app startup
– fixed some typos

new BETA
– topic picker shows no longer HTML encoded string
– Pivot page indicator does not select wrong/multiple items any more
– Pivot pages return to the correct page when coming from outside the app
– Edited welcome page text to tell new users that they need an API client
– added message when no API client was found
– topics do not load again at app start BETA contains:
– fetching API Client data from
– account overview
– suggestions (read, modify, add, search, delete)
– tickets (read, search, add on user behalf, messages, respond to messages) – articles (read, topics, add, search, delete)

Note: this is only the beginning, we will add more features over the coming weeks. The only thing we are asking you: please give us feedback, if you are added to the BETA! Only with that, we are able to get the most out of our app for you!

And some screenshots to whet your appetite:

msohtmlclipclip_image001 msohtmlclipclip_image002 msohtmlclipclip_image003 msohtmlclipclip_image004 msohtmlclipclip_image005 msohtmlclipclip_image006

Note as Marco informed. This is a closed BETA. You need to contact him on @msicc to get into the early-adopter’s program. Make your live easier as a Dev, go for this app. Highly recommended. Here at, we hold our Developers to high standard. Just do it.

Source: Marco Siccardi