VLC Media Player for Windows 8.1 Release Imminent

VLC Passed Windows Store Cert

The Modern (aka Metro) version of VLC Media Player has passed the Windows Store certification! VLC Media Player is a very popular media player, known for its ability to play a large number of video and audio format without needing to install additional codecs. Essentially, if you can’t play a video or audio on your PC for any reason, installing VLC media player and opening the media using it will possibly allow you to play it.

VLC media player has traditionally been a Desktop application, available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Recently, the player has been ported to Android and iOS. From my experience, the iOS version is very limited and needed a jailbreak. Edit: no longer needs jailbreak; available on the app store. Perhaps the situation has changed since. Folks using Windows 8.x PCs and tablet may soon be able to enjoy a more modern version of VLC, optimized for touch.

VLC media player was submitted to the Windows Store for certification and, according to VideLan—the company that develops VLC—it has passed the certification. This means, the app might appear in the Windows Store soon! VideoLan claims that there are still minor bugs to iron out; so, we might have to wait a bit longer, but the big hurdles are over. If you had issues playing certain media files on your Surface RT device, for instance, the wait is almost over.

If you never used VLC media player before, do give it a try. It is an amazing application.

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    • Thanks for the suggestion. As you are aware, this post is about Metro version of VLC player while your post is about the desktop version. Also you should warn users your solution will remove Recent Items for ALL APPLICATIONs not only VLC. We find it rather precarious as jumplist items are useful GUI feature for other programs. Thanks anyway for your interest.


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