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Hello World! I am very excited to announce to you that we have a new writer for McAkins Online. Her name is Jennifer Birch. As you may already know, until now, only I and Denny McAkins have been writing on this blog, covering mostly Microsoft Technologies; but now, we’re a three person team.

Jennifer is passionate about technology, art, music, poetry, gaming, and anything else that combines creativity with geeky things. She is also an average gamer with a lot to learn and say. She is a fan of the Campus Party, Europe’s biggest technology festival in the UK, where she witnessed live talks from the gaming industry experts. When Jenni is not fangirling over her favorite bands and digital artists, she’s probably surfing the world wide web and looking for clues about the coming apocalypse, the possibility of zombie invasions, and some spooky urban legends. It will be exciting to see what kind of prose we are presented with.

From myself and Denny McAkins, I welcome Jennifer Birch to the team!

Follow Jenni on Twitter! @WrittenByJenni