Bing Maps Preview is now in the store! Your long wait is over. Microsoft dropped this on us today. I got wind of the app from @LocalJoost just this morning, and lo and behold, there it is in the Store.

We are currently analyzing the availability of the App. It seems it is not yet available to all markets. But for now, if you live in US and Europe, you should be able to download and use the app. Let op, because the app needs to download maps in stages, Microsoft advices a bandwidth of 10mbs or higher for a good UX. Means, use this initially on a LAN and not on a mobile 3G data access.

Here’s Microsoft’s description of the app in the Store:


Experience the next generation of the Bing Maps app. Featuring stunning 3D world and city views, the Bing Maps Preview app puts you at the centre of a smart, personalised experience that saves you time and helps you get things done. It’s Personal. Make your Windows 8.1 device smarter with personal information and insights, where and when you need them. Need to get there on time? Personalised traffic alerts keep an eye on the traffic for your favourite routes and alert you when there are delays. Looking for something local that you’ll love? Tap into your social network by adding your Facebook account to get local business and restaurant picks recommended by your friends. It’s Helpful. Make your way there and find your way around, whether it’s a local lunch or a holiday in Verona or Valencia. Real-world imagery and an intuitive interface make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Take a closer look with Streetside panoramas and get details and directions for places and points of interest. It’s Beautiful. Immerse yourself in amazing imagery and explore cities and features across the world in a 3D experience that makes you feel like you’re really there. Use touch gestures to intuitively move through the map and watch as labels smartly adjust to keep you oriented. *Not available in all markets Note: The Bing Maps Preview app installs as a separate app and will not replace the Bing Maps app on your device.


  • Explore a beautiful new world of 3D maps with interactive labels and high-resolution aerial imagery with terrain mapping.
  • Experience selected cities in stunning and interactive high-resolution 3D.
  • Use touch gestures to travel the world and see it from any viewpoint. New touch gestures let you change the angle of view and rotate the map using two fingers.
  • Step into Streetside to see what a location really looks like with 360 degree panoramas.
  • Search for businesses, get directions and browse local businesses with new on-screen controls designed to make it easy to quickly find what you need.
  • Get personalised recommendations for restaurants and businesses by signing in with your Facebook credentials and Microsoft account to see what friends like and what’s popular in your area.
  • Get detailed information about businesses including phone numbers, addresses and business hours, and call directly from the app.
  • Check traffic conditions, estimated travel times and see traffic incidents on your favourite routes.
  • Stay ahead of traffic with active traffic notifications and live tile updates that alert you to traffic conditions, incidents and road closures.
  • Get and print step-by-step driving, walking and transit directions to the places you want to go to.
  • Tap on landmarks to learn more about local sights and attractions.
  • Save your favourite places and add pins to customise your map.





Key updates to this release of the Maps app include: • Full 3D road and aerial coverage with global terrain mapping • Personalisation options • High-resolution 3D cities (in select areas) • Streetside preview lens and 360 degree panoramic Streetside views (in selected areas) • Active traffic alerts for back-ups, incidents and road closures along favourite routes (in selected areas) • Live tiles that show traffic notifications • On-screen controls for one-step access to search, directions and local listings Notes: Some updates may not be available in some markets Get the best experience with a fast Internet connection (≥10 Mbps)

Try the app now in the Store via the following Source Link:

Source: Windows Store