Sometimes as a Windows Store oracle, you just wonder why some apps don’t get traction despite awesome features built-in. Such is with this HeuX App in the Store. The app has been in the Store since October 2013, and up till today, not a single soul has touched the app. And when you think its feature could be of tremendous help to Students and teachers alike, you wonder why it hasn’t become very popular in the Store. That is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves here at McAkins Online to give some of these awesome apps some Air time.

HeuX is an educational hub as mentioned to drive Teachers/Students engagement. But when you hear of teachers/students, you’ll think this is only for classrooms. No, not at all, wherever people are mentored, this is a good hub for them. What do you think about parent/children knowledge dissemination. This could be of help too.

As you can read from below’s description, the app supports Whiteboard, pen for inking, Poll for question and answer session. But more so, there is a service from HeuX behind the app where you can upload teaching sessions for offline access etc.

Following is full details of the App:


HeuX allows teachers to deliver lesson content to students through the use of whiteboards, quick polls, and forums.


  • Lesson delivery through synchronized whiteboards, polls, and forums
  • Publish lesson to portal for access and review at a later time






You can give the app a try now as it is free in the Store. Download via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store