For our Dutch friends, the CBR has just released a new App into the Windows Store for internal consumption of Examinators and Instructors. This is not meant for the open public, but for Driving Instructors and Driving License Examinators as they call them in the Netherlands. According to CBR, for external Instructors, this app will only be in the Read-Only or learning mode, while for CBR internal Staffs, they’ll be able to take legal driving Exams via the App. So I guess, the Dutch can download this app and have a look around out of curiosity. If you discover anything spectacular, please let us know in the comments. Thanks already.

CBR didn’t provide any Screenshots for this app except the Logo on the Splashscreen. Rather weird, as screenshots were one of the pre-requisite to get your app accredited in the Store. I wonder why MS allowed this. Anyway, if you’re curious about the app, you can download now from the Store via the link below. Only you have to be in the Netherlands.

Source: Windows Store.