Microsoft has introduced what we might call a pre-cursor to 3D Printing ubiquity. Since 3D is becoming common and 3D printers are becoming more and more affordable, we all need an integrated system to manage this environment, this is where Microsoft is stepping in with this 3D Builder app.

With this app you can let your imagination run wild while you build you 3D objects virtually and see how it will look like. It is all in the teething phase so you should expect to build the space shuttle with this. All you now have a simple models to start with. Good thing about this app is you don’t need a 3D printer to use it. If your interest is in 3D printing you can already start building your objects in the app.

Here is how MS described the app in the Store:


Meet 3D Builder – the best place to view, prepare, and print your 3D models on Windows 8.1-ready 3D printers!

3D Builder is a fun, easy to use, free app for Windows 8.1 that helps you turn digital objects into physical ones and explore the exciting world of 3D printing. It also includes a library of example 3D objects to get you started.

Whether you are an experienced enthusiast or new to the world of 3D printing, 3D Builder is fun for Makers of all ages.


  • View and prepare objects for 3D printing on Windows 8.1-ready devices
  • Load STL, OBJ, or 3MF files from disk
  • Library of 3D objects to explore and print




The App was released at the beginning of the week, and already it has seen an update to fix crashes on some video cards that users were reporting. Let us hope MS will continue to build out this app and user in an era of the Star-trek replicators.

Download the app now in the Store via the source link here below.

Source: Windows Store