Skewed Review System in the Store


Click on this pic to see “Helpful” Yes/No figures.

A picture they say is worth more than a thousand words. I think the picture above is a good testification of that age old adage. The picture shows what is wrong with the Windows Store review system. Here is an app that obviously is resonating with end users, but because some unhappy souls got to review the app early, they got the high “helpful” figures and pops to the top for Microsoft to feature them as most helpful reviews even when the are negative and has no bearing with the app popularity in the Store. I mean 4335 people couldn’t be wrong with 5-Stars compared to 134 with 1 Star.

So, there you have it, an app can be insanely popular with end users but still be deemed not suitable by review logic of the Store. Microsoft need to fix this ASAP. It is known fact that only frustrated and unhappy users take the time to vent their venom about a product. You don’t see happy users at a support desk. Happy users are too lazy and don’t take the time to review, they are just content to give the app 5-Stars and move on. This is end-user psych 101. A good Store logic should catch this and bubble up positive reviews above negative ones for very popular apps. Period.

Note that I have no bearing with this app nor it’s dev., I don’t know them, neither have I been contacted by them. I am just using the app as an example amongst other apps that fall into this negative review trap while being very popular with users.

Please fix this MS.

3 thoughts on “Skewed Review System in the Store

  1. They also need to allow you to sort the reviews by different criteria specifically my big gripe is not being able to sort by date. A lot of people say things don’t work and this is largely due to the fact that from what I’ve seen there isn’t a lot of beta testing with apps so there is a large percentage a flawed launches and these reviews just stick around without any context.

    I’ve kind of figured out the patterns of how the store sucks so I can pick through apps pretty efficiently but watching my wife looking for apps in the store when she upgraded was painful.


    • Exactly my point. It took time for devs to learn to program for Win8, and those early bugs and the comments thereafter remain as weight on the neck of the apps. Even after the initial teething problems have been weeded out by the dev.


  2. I agree completely with this. In fact, I have openly complained about this on the Microsoft forums. Once a review is considered ‘helpful’ it will stay there, no matter how outdated or irrelevant it is. Irrelevance seems to be what Microsoft is going for with the Store. (or so it seems…) Looking through the “Top free” category in the store is a nightmare. Lots of apps with no ratings, let alone reviews, some with 1 star ratings. The guys and gals at Microsoft responsible for the Store really need to reevalute their approach. Having 130,000 apps available sounds great to Mr. Turner and Mr. Ballmer, but unfortunately 120,000 of those apps are useless rubbish. I hope these issues will be fixed, but going by what is and has been happening on the Windows Phone store, my hopes are not high. Microsoft has built a great product that could be so exciting, but their flawed execution is, again, ruining the consumer experience. :(


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