Download Windows 8.1 ISO Using your Windows 8.0 Key

Folks, we have some GREAT news for you! A Microsoft community member have figured out a loophole that lets you download Windows 8.1 using your Windows 8.0 product key! The community member’s name is Tom. Here’s his tip.

Easy Steps to get Windows 8.1 ISO

Step 1: Go page and click on the “Install Windows 8” button.

Step 2: Run the file and enter in your retail Windows 8.0 product key. Click Next.

Enter Windows 8 product key

Step 3: It will show you the version of Windows that is to be downloaded. Click Next.

Ready to Download Windows

Step 4: Download should be started. Cancel the download immediately by clicking the X button on the upper right of the setup Window.

Downloading Windows 8

Step 5: Go to this page again and, now, click on the “Install Windows 8.1” button.

Step 6: Run the file and it should say “Download is interrupted”. Close it and run the file again. It should now start downloading Windows 8.1.

Downloading Windows 8.1 50%

Step 7: Once the download is complete, you will be given the option to create an ISO file. Do this and you now have an ISO file that you can use at your disposal.

You can now also use this ISO file to burn to a DVD or USB and use it to refresh or reset your PC! This is great to see the community members stepping up to make up for the stupidity of Microsoft not willing to give its paying customers an ISO file.

Thanks to Tom for finding this awesome workaround! Here’s Tom’s original forum post:

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26 thoughts on “Download Windows 8.1 ISO Using your Windows 8.0 Key

  1. […] Warning! This solution doesn’t fully work and is now obsolete!!! We have a newer, easier, and more reliable solution that does work and have been tested multiple times with success! Please see the new article on how to download a Windows 8.1 ISO using you Windows 8.0 retail product key. […]


      • I got it now… downloading 8.1 as I type this :) Thanks for the tip. Sometimes, not having a retail DVD is a pain.


        • I know. Microsoft is being an Idiot for causing difficulty to its legitimate, paying, customers!

          Remember, when you fninish downloading Windows 8.1, make an ISO, use the generic product keys to install. When install finishes, change your key to your Windows 8 key and activate.

          Here is the key you need to install. Use the appropriate key. Remember, you will need to change this key with your Windows 8 key once you finish installing:
          Windows 8.1 Core 334NH-RXG76-64THK-C7CKG-D3VPT
          Windows 8.1 Pro XHQ8N-C3MCJ-RQXB6-WCHYG-C9WKB


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  3. My Windows 8 came pre-installed, therefore I have no product key. I upgraded to 8.1 via the store and now i have no reset options. What can I do? Can I use the above keys, or is there a way to downgrade?


  4. Hi, Nazmus. I was able to get the .iso. I’ve burned a DVD and created a startup USB. However, neither the generic key, or my product keys will allow the install to continue when I try to refresh from either of them. It doens’t make any sense.


  5. Hi… I did this, step by step, to do a windows 8.1 reinstall… and it worked (thank you!)… but now, I got the windows is not activated, and it doesn’t even let me put my key. If this helps, I also got media center, which changed my key. But I cant change my license or anything. What do I do know? Thanks


    • Okay, so did you open PC Settings and click “Activate Windows” and click the button “Enter New Key”? The option must be there and you can enter in a new key. Did you enter in the key you got after you purchased Windows?


      • Yes I did. Tried putting my windows 8 pro with media center key. No good. It said either it was activated or was used. Dont remember right now. Ended up putting my w8 disk and doing a refresh. And activating windows again, but this time the activation code was showing up, and I just called, entered the numbers, and finally… everything’s good again. Whole lotta updates now, but I’m finally in the clear… Thanks though


        • I see what was wrong! You can never activate windows with the media center key; never. You must activate with your purchased key and then add media center from the add features option.


  6. I purchased a Lenovo G510 and got it last Wednesday. And it would not connect to WI-FI. I called customer service. The technician tried to fix the problem through remote access. Nothing worked. I suggested that it might be a faulty WI-FI adapter. He agreed so my new laptop is of to the repair center in TX. He told me that ever since Lenovo started shipping with 8.1 they have gotten alot of calls. Microsoft as is customary ships update without trying them out. The tech even tried downloading the latest driver from Lenovo’s website and it did not work. If you can help it don’t install the update 8.1 it is a rea piece of crap


    • Can you connect it via Wired network to rhe internet? Let see how we can help you.
      You shouldnt believe everything you hear from Support Desk guys. Most of them dont know jack about Troubleshooting. They cover their backside by shifting blame on Microsoft.


  7. I bought a new Lenovo G510 and found the same problem with connecting with WIFI. This CPU came with the 8.1 update installed. My laptop is on its way to a repair shop in TX. If you can help it don’t install the 8.1 update. It is crap and may turn your cmputer into a paper weight. Microsoft in typical form lauches crap and follows up with crappy updates.


  8. Hmmm..getting a compatibility error from step 1, Apparently my PC doesn’t meet hardware requirements even though I have been using Windows 8 since release!!!!


  9. My “Step 6” never happened. It just went straight to downloading Windows 8.1. Is this going to be a problem when I try to use my Win8 key later?


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