Windows 8.1 Preview

Windows 8.1RTM

Windows 8.1GA

Windows 8.1GA with "Show More Tiles"

Windows 8.1GA with 8 rows of Tiles in Portrait mode.

As you can see Windows 8.1GA has more under the hood than we think. Before, even on Large screens, you can only get a maximum of 6 rows of Standard size Tiles no matter your screen resolution. I remembered wondering Steve Ballmer’s 82" Wall Tablet couldn’t have more than 6-rows with such a ridiculous resolution.

Yep, count it. 6-rows Max

Now it seems the limitation has been removed. I can’t tell if 8 rows is now the max or just because I am limited by my screen size. If you come across a screen with more than 8 rows of standard tiles please let us know.

There’s a catch for activating more rows in landscape mode on a tablet of maybe 10" screen. You’ll get a Max of 4 rows, but Windows will reduces the Text on those tiles, so you may be having readability issues. But then it is good to know you go for more Tiles on your screen estate if you want.