I was in need to make a quick edit on a video this afternoon before I send it out to a Client, so normally I would use a desktop solution to do the Edits, but I was curious to know what are now in the Store that can satisfy me need.

Well the Store is now full of Video Editors, most of them of course are junk as usual, but there are some serious candidates to consider. And what do you know, I found above gem between the list and it is from Microsoft. Well MS has surreptitiously released a Movie Maker replacement for Windows 8.1 without much tam-tam. But coincidentally, WP-Central broke the news before I could blog it.


Not to worry though, there is something Windows UX news source didn’t mention from where WP-Central got their news: The app is limited to a video of 20min length video. Why this arbitrary length only heavens know. Hopefully MS will explain this and remove the limitation eventually. My video is one hour long, so I am out of luck to try out this app.


Another limitation is that you can only select 60sec potion of your video according to the App information in the Store. I took this for a spin to confirm, and indeed, you selection is terminated after 60sec. Again why? Your guess is as good as mine.


So, if you are only looking to trim your latest Skateboard stunt of 5 or 10 minutes, you’re good to go with this app. But this is nothing for serious work, for the time being at least.

Remember, this app is ONLY for Windows 8.1, if you search for this app in the Win8.0 Store you will not find it.

You can download the App now in the Store for the source below.

Source: Window Store