The FilmOn Live TV App has just updated in the Store with extra features and fixes as you can see below. Digital Video Recording (TiVo function) has now been activated in the App, there are a few tweaks of the UI. Search and Navigation improvement is said to said to have taken place, but we can’t see these changes at McAkins Online to be honest. Some of these changes are possibly too subtle and at mid-ware level. We can well inform you that the app has been made available to more regions, so for those of you who have been missing the possibility to install this in your region, you can give it now a try. A feature that we are happy to notice is the introduction of PlayTo feature in this App. You can now play your favorite shows to the your Xbox or any other streamer that accepts DLNA stream.


If you’re on Windows 8.1 RTM, you’ll probably have received this update automatically, but if you’re still on Window 8.0, you can force-load this update or wait till the update propagates to your device.