Hey, suppose you have this buddy with an obnoxious Profile Picture (no I am not talking of Tom’s pic hehe), a picture you dare not let your mother see; or your wife, you take your pick. How do you maintain contact with such a buddy and still be able to chat with such in public, well now you can. The new People’s app in Windows 8.1 RTM now allows you to change your contact’s picture.

One of the headache’s of the old Contact App was that you can’t change people’s profile picture, only profile owners can change their picture. You are left with whatever they choose. So if someone chooses a half naked body as profile picture, or you have this Sufi-friend wearing a big turban in his profile pic, potentially linking you to the Taliban at the NSA, what do you do? You’re left with your hands in the air.

Now you can take control. Change their pictures to something you can live with. Or just for fun to something like below :-)


You should well realize this change is only at your end, synced everywhere to your devices. In their world, they are still sporting their ugly profile pics everywhere online, but at least in your little world, they are all looking perk and pretty. Now you know. Make it so.