A few days back I tweeted a series of tweets informing of more built-in Apps in Windows 8.1RTM sporting the Large Tiles on the Start screen. With the introduction of this feature, the Start Screen is about to become the true Dashboard it was meant to be.

The large tiles are so useful that I have started leaving my Start Screen open on an extra monitor to keep eyes on things. Of course general apps from Windows Developers don’t sport large tiles for now, but with the GA around the corner, I expect a flood of Apps with large tiles that make sense. Providing tidbits of information at a glance. For example I don’t need to open the Finance App anymore, I can see the latest quotes from the stocks I follow, the same is for my mail app, my Calendar and the News App.

I think the Start Screen detractor are about to have their tongues handed to them by Microsoft. I like where Start screen is going. I hope you do too.