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There’s a new kid on the block rocking the Windows Store at the moment, and it is the Newseen app, an app that is garnering straight 5-Stars in the Store at the moment. Got the hint of this app from a tweet from our buddy @WinObs, and when Richard recommends you’ve gotta check it out. Well I did, and I am pleased.

Newseen aggregates News for you so you don’t have to go chase after those popular News sites. You can choose your categories of interest after which you’re presented with panoramic view of your contents. There are themes built in to soothe your eyes, dark-theme for night-owls like us, and blue, while or girly pink. You pick your choice.

You have the option to view the trending news on the internetz via Top Stories option, or choose to see the latest news as they are breaking. There is a manual refresh button to reload your views with latest content, but the app features Auto-Refresh itself, the manual refresh is just can’t wait. When the app is in the Docked mode, you’re presented with just the titles, and clicking a title drops into the browser for details. A feature that I like very much.

Anyway, here is an app to compete with my favorite news app Discourse in the Store. I can’t decide which is the winner at the moment. They both even integrate with Twitter, so go figure.

Below is the details of the app from the Store:


Newseen is a new kind of news reader. Instead of mimicking an inbox that piles up and becomes a burden, Newseen focuses on the news stories people are talking about right now. It groups articles from different sources together. This lets you see each story from as many or as few different angles as you like and then move along to other news.

If a story you’ve already read changes with updates or new articles, Newseen will let you know by bubbling it up to the top of the handy Recently Seen list. And if you use Twitter, you’ll see tweets from your friends and other followees pop up on stories they’re talking about, both for stories you’ve read and those you haven’t gotten to yet.

If the summary is enough for you, you can now mark a story as read without opening it. Just swipe the tile by putting your finger on it and dragging down until it disappears, or click the small checkbox that appears on mouse hover.


  • • Shows you the top stories being talked about today
  • • Cleverly groups articles together
  • • Keeps you up-to-date as stories you’ve recently read evolve
  • • Customize your experience by choosing up to 5 categories from an ever-growing list (from Technology, to Politics, Entertainment, Video Games, Sports, and many more)
  • • If you sign-in with Twitter, you’ll be started off with categories based on whom you follow!
  • • Live tile always shows you the most popular stories from each of your chosen categories
  • • Fast and fluid design. Stories expand in-place to keep you oriented
  • • Several color schemes and background choices to choose from
  • • Adjust the font size for article contents if you like your text big (or really, really big!)
  • • Read state and settings roam with you to other devices (if enabled in Windows)
  • • Share articles via the Share charm
  • • Quickly work through news you don’t want to read in-depth by swiping stories away.
  • • More to come in future updates!

And a few more Screenshots:



If you’re interested in this app, you can download now via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store