Random Salad Games have been publishing retro games for Windows 8 since the Consumer Preview was available for beta tester. One of their game is the Nintendo classic, Paper Dash. It has a quirky music and 90’s cartoony look to it. I like it. It’s a good time waster. If you have played it before, you know what I mean; if you haven’t, well, now is a good time to start. Don’t waste too much time, though.

Paper Dash Description

This just in… Paper Dash has finally hit the stands! Roam the streets delivering papers as you try and pay off damages to a car that you… well… you’ll see…
Collect soda cans and bottles to make some extra cash on the side. Find special items to give yourself power ups to help your character deliver even more papers and make even more money!


    • 45 levels worth of game play
    • Achievement badges for delivering papers and collecting soda cans/bottles
    • Character customization and collectible power ups
    • Intuitive game controls
    • Fun background music and sound effects

Download now: Paper Dash