CheckI am pleased to announce that the website upgrade has been successfully upgraded. Here are some cool new features that have been added! Note that some features are still not complete and will continue to be refined. However, you should not be experiencing any major issues. If you do, let us know through our new support center!

New Features

  • Logo refresh – We made the finishing touches to the McAkins Online logo. What you see is our final products. Variations of the logo exist, but they are all based on this final logo design.
  • Start Page – A new experience to get you to the various parts of the site. This feature is not yet complete and will be improved upon in an on-going basis.
  • Essential Apps – This is the place where you will find our most highly recommended apps. These are must-have apps that will make your Windows 8 experience much better. This feature is not yet complete and will be improved upon in an on-going basis.
  • Countdown timer – You can now see a countdown for Windows 8.1 General Availability on the sidebar.
  • Author information – The sidebar now shows information about the author of an article, along with links to connect with them in social media.
  • Support Center: one stop place for getting in touch with us with any issues you may have
  • Support tickets, tips form, and dedicated email address. Visit the support center for more information.
  • Refined menu system
  • Integrated website with Bing and Google webmaster tools to enhance searchability, retrieve user statistics, and more. No personal information about our users are collected.

We hope you find McAkins Online an useful source of information, and we thank you for being a part of this journey.

Nazmus Khandaker
Associate Administrator