The popular Xbox 360 arcade game, Dorito’s Crash Course has now been ported to Windows 8 as an Xbox Game! It costs only $1.49, but there is a free trial available.


“Crash Course Go is the Windows 8 version of the highly successful game for XBOX Live, “Doritos Crash Course”. It’s about a game-show game like no other. Run, jump and swing your XBOX Live Avatar through a physics-based world and complete the courses as quickly as possible. Each trial is filled with over-the-top obstacles you must overcome to achieve the fastest time and compare it to your friends on Leaderboards!
It’s a TV Game Show The game takes place in an over-the-top TV game show with bright colors, studio lights, explosions, audience cheers and heckles. Animations and sound effects are over the top!
Rhythm and Momentum Your Avatar is alive under your thumb. Controlling your Avatar with a thumb stick feels natural and instinctive. The player doesn’t need to learn how to control their Avatar, it feels natural and responds in the way they expect; jump, bounce and climb from one obstacle to the next in one smooth rhythm.
Friendly Competition and Bragging Rights In Crash Course you race your Avatar and post your best time on each course. Then, see your course times on Leaderboards, and see the positions of your friends. If you are higher up the list, you can brag, if you are lower down the list, you have incentive to beat them.”


    • Winner of the Unlock Xbox competition and with over 4 million worldwide downloads, Doritos Crash Course arrives on Windows 8 to take its swift and intense levels on the go!
    • Play through 25 exciting platformer levels across 5 different locations
    • Control your XBOX Avatar in fast-paced, funny, obstacle courses
    • Compete against your friends and family to get the best time on the leaderboards!
    • Race along the original Doritos Crash Course tracks and also the ones introduced on Doritos Crash Cource City Lights
    • Play the way you want to!  Beat your new records by either touch screen, keyboard or gamepad
    • By storing your progress on the cloud, you can continue playing Doritos Crash Course Go on your peferred Windows 8 device
    • Challenge yourself into collecting all achievements, medals and records on each one of the game levels

Download it here: Crash Course Go!

Check out screenshots below!