I was activating OneNote on my Freshly-minted Windows 8 RTM install on my Desktop this morning, and I noticed the above. Apparently you can now add multiple accounts to OneNote MX app! How come I haven’t seen this before, is this new with Win8RTM update or has it been there for a while. I checked on Win8Preview and Win8.0 versions, they are there too. It must be a recent update to OneNote that I missed. In case you don’t know it, now you know. You can add multiple MS Accounts to your OneNote just like you have for the Mail app. This way you can have all your Notes in one place, whether Work, School or Private Notes, they are now accessible in one place. The name OneNote is now truly OneNote. Well done OneNote Team!

Note: To see this Account addition screen, you need to open “More Notebooks” screen as below: