There are only few Windows RT devices around the world, given the sales of Windows RT based devices. However, I want to share some rare screenshots of this already rare operating system. By rare screenshots, I mean the type of screenshots you will not see when you look up Windows RT images on the web. Most images show the start screen, office, and apps. I want to get more obscure and show you many of the desktop apps that ship with Windows RT. Plus, I have screenshots of things that make no sense whatsoever on a Windows RT system. Buckle up and enjoy!

Desktop Apps on Windows RT

Here are some desktop apps that ship with Windows RT. If you have Windows RT, you can take advantage of all these apps!

Attempting to Run External Desktop Apps and Updates

In these screenshots, I attempt to run an unauthorized desktop app both from a graphical user interface and from command line. I also download Windows Powershell help updates for offline viewing from command line.

Epic Fail: Funny Screenshots

Well, here are some screenshots from things that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Note that none of these screenshots are fake. They actually are from Windows RT code! We have the ability to uninstall desktop apps even though we cannot even install desktop apps. We have a Windows 7 Start Menu tutorial, and we also have Windows Update attempting to (unsuccessfully) install the Bing Bar a desktop IE ad-on, even though Windows RT cannot install desktop app or IE extensions. Oh, Microsoft, you will always be Microsoft!

Rare Screenshots of Windows RT Apps

You won’t easily find these screenshots of Windows RT apps. Go ahead, and try to find it!