Do you think you have a hard time hearing? Believe it or not, we naturally lose some of our hearing as we grow older. So it doesn’t matter if you listen to death metal music (that’ll get you to deaf valley quicker) or to the birds chirp outside, our capacity to detect sounds at certain frequencies diminishes.

Thanks to AsapSCIENCE this YouTube hearing experiment can help you find out how well you hear without going to the doctor.

Author’s Note: If you need to see a doctor, this isn’t a substitute. Please see you physician if needed.

In this video, you will be tested to see how well your ears perform in hearing different frequencies. The sounds will start out low but will increase in pitch. It is advised that you also wear headphones to get the best results.

The results are divided into age ranges. So whatever your result is will determine the age your ears seem to function at.

Think you have the best ears? Share your results in the comments!