In an effort to cultivate our growing community, we at Techtronica have decided to do the unthinkable. We’ve set up a (drum roll please) IRC Chatroom!

Now for all you young kids out there, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an older form of electronic communication that’s designed primarily for group communication that can be split up into channels (like groups) or private messaging. It’s pretty easy to learn and navigate round.

In an effort to make it easier for visitors, we’ve embedded the chat room right here on Techtronica. You can either click the chat link in the top menu bar or click here.

Now if you want to get technical and want to use an IRC client, follow these instructions:

1)Use as the server you’re going to connect to
2)Join the #techtronica channel by typing /join #techtronica

That’s pretty much it. We’ll update this post to point you to some useful commands that you can use in the chatroom.