And there was much joyful weeping in Mother Russia as its own fearless soldiers lead the people in a very solemn, but yet enjoyable rendition of Adele’s Oscar-winning song Skyfall. The song was featured in the opening title sequence of the 23rd James Bond film installment that aptly goes by the same title.

In the video, the Russian Red Army Choir sings Adele’s Skyfall with such conviction that it would even touch the heart of the Russian president himself if he weren’t off tranquilizing Siberian tigers or biking with his gang.

Seven members of the much larger choir visited St. Petersburg’s News Channel 5 to stir the souls of their fellow comrades. 6 soldiers backed up the one lead singer who, with his whole heart, performed passionately.

From other videos found on YouTube, the choir also performs other songs like The Cossack’s Song and Katyusha

Of course the performance went well, but someone please get rid of the cheesy morning show personalities.