Sometimes you come across apps in the Store that promise heaven and earth, you’re skeptical, you download the app and give it a spin. Mostly your suspicion was true, it was just a piece of junk. That is not the case with this Live TV app from FilmON TV Inc.

Foreigner have been bitten by the modern internet curse, that if you live in a foreign country, you’re on your own when you want to watch a program from another country. The dream of Tim Berners-Lee was not realized to make the Internet a region free zone for humanity. Service providers take one look at your IP address and they lock you out of paradise. Even if you’re native of a country, and you reside in another country, forget it, you can’t get the services of your native born country. You have to resort to tools like VPN services which is a joke on the internet founders.

So, then comes this app that promise to make all these foreign TV stations available to you. Most of these channels free of charge. Believe me there are Channels in this app that you can’t get normally online. Don’t ask me how they do it, but we are glad they did. You can get major broadcasters from almost very country on the planet. Of course there are some premium contents that you have to subscribe if you want to access them. But from what I have seen from the freely available channels there are some good quality stations in there. Of course there is a lot of fluff too. Just take your pick.

Here is how FilmON Inc. described the app from the store:


Television on FilmOn enables you to watch live TV for free in Standard Definition on your computer or mobile device. If you wish to watch in HD and record your favorite shows or series, you can do so for a small fee. You can watch your local channels or select from our huge line-up of channels from the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Watch live Sports, News, Lifestyle, Movies, Shopping, Kids and more.


  • Rating: 3.6/5
  • #Ratings: 1,028
  • Size: 6.29mb
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Source: Windows Store