Yes, Microsoft was right to overhaul the traditional desktop in preparation for the future. Recently ASUS announced their 21:9 monitor, the PB298Q Ultrawide 21:9 Panoramic Monitor your are seeing here above. Other manufacturers have been announcing Ultra-wide and 4K monitors. The first thing that comes to mind seeing all these influx of ultra-wide monitors is that the traditional Desktop will be hideous on these monitors. This is just but the beginning folks, it will not end with 21:9 real-estate, but you will eventually end up with Wall2Wall monitors. I am talking of your complete living room wall as one gigantic monitor. You can have a taste of it with projectors at the moment, but projectors will not provide the kind of experience we are going to be having in about a few years.

Can you then imagine your traditional Windows 7 Desktop on such a UI, it will be ridiculous. The thought of interacting with mouse and all on such displays becomes ridiculous. You will quickly conclude that yes, Microsoft was right in preparing us for the future in which your monitors will now be you Windows to the world; pun intended. The partitioning that Windows 8 brings to the UI makes more sense with these kinds of displays than the traditional desktop. You can divide such a wide estate into sections and have apps running there. Take my word for it, now you only have vertical partitioning in Windows 8 displays, very soon, as monitor heights increases like we are seeing now for display widths, horizontal partitioning with be introduced in which you can stack your applications also vertically. Imagine a stock-ticker kind of app running at the bottom or top of your screen, or a weather app stacked vertically with a photo app. Yes, we’re going to be blown away by our future vista, believe me. The Metro UI will then make perfect sense.