Microsoft has recently been touting the ease with which Apple iOS Developers can port their apps to the Windows Store, it seems the message has started to pay off. We are beginning to see more and more famous iOS Apps and Games in the Windows Store. What more, Microsoft has relaxed the Metro Design 2013-07-26_171350Language requirements for Apps, this means iOS app are now fully welcomed in the Store, skeuomorphics and all!

A good example of this are the apps from IPT Inc which now has a plethora of iOS apps in the Windows Store. Don’t doubt me, the quality of these Apps is very good, no doubt about it. But if you’ve been used to seeing flat Metro GUI apps in the Store, these iOS apps just jump at you. The first of IPT app I’ll like to mention is this Lucky Voice App in the Store as shown above. I can assure you this is a direct port of the iOS app as even Dialog boxes shows the typical iOS controls. The famous “Back” button is there as you can see here on the left. The Delete confirmation Dialog with rounded edges and its opacity is also shown.

As for usability, there is nothing wrong with this app. It records in very good quality. It give you the ability to annotate your Voice Notes, the notes are shown stacked as expected for an iOS app. You can rename your recordings and share them as desired. The app gives you graphic indication of Recording status, with the running time shown in red at the top. Unfortunately, the app cannot run on the background, so you have to Snap the app to use other apps.

The App is described as follows by IPT Inc. in the Store:


Lucky Voice is a professional voice recorder. It is a simple, fun, and easy to use audio & voice recorder. Use it to record meetings, lectures, and personal notes, without time limits.


      • Hight-quality handled recording.
      • Easy, convenient user interface and controls.
      • Export to file.
      • Export to SkyDrive.
      • Send by email.








This is just an example of an app from IPT Inc, they have 17 Apps in total in the Store as you can see below. Can you notice the iOS icons with rounded edges. Yes, hell has frozen over in the Windows Store :-). You should try their other apps too, like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram Apps. I am sure those of you coming from the iOS platform will surely appreciate these apps. Just take a look at their Lucky Notes App, it has leather skeuomorph. I had to laugh at that one. Feel free to try these apps, most of them are free, and they are getting very good ratings in the Store.


Download Lucky Voice via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store