Our buddy site released their first Metro App into the Store a while back, I have been wanting to give a shout-out but couldn’t find the time. The App is a companion app to the main site, bringing you up-to-date stories of all things Tech in general and all things Microsoft in particular. If you’ve been following Richard’s quality high volume tweets on @WinObs, you would know he is a One-Stop-Shop for all the news you’ll ever need stay on top Technology happenings. So we welcome this App in the Windows Store. If you don’t believe us, believe these few Reviewers from the store:


Here is how @WinObs described the app in the Store with a few screenshots:


Keeping an eye on Windows, other things tech and home of the Observed Tech PODCAST.


Keep up with the latest news from and the Observed Tech PODCAST

Easily bookmark your favorite stories for future reference

Join the discussion by commenting on any stories directly from the app





Download this app right away to keep up to date with latest Technology News all over the world. Download this app now from the Store via the following source link.

Source: Windows Store