We previously blogged about our YouTube app of choice on Windows 8/RT. It is Hyper for YouTube. It is an amazing YouTube app that is packed with features and also allows the ability to play YouTube videos in the background.

Well, we have a massive update for this app that brings loads of new features. For instance, the now-playing interface has been updated to show more options with just a click on the full-screen video. The non full-screen mode has been also updated to make it more concise and standard looking. However, the first thing you will notice on this update is the new first run wizard. After the update, a wizard will guide you to setting up the app with regions, color scheme, account linking, and more. The update also brings other UI changes and the ability to pin videos and channels.

Another change is the ability to upgrade to Pro version, which allows for more color schemes, advanced features, and batch YouTube video downloads.

If you have Windows 8.1, you should automatically have the latest version. If not, you can update it manually from the Windows Store. For Windows 8 users, you will need to do a manual update.

Download: Hyper for YouTube