Image by Sean MacEntee
Image by Sean MacEntee



Windows 8 and RT’s default mail client does not support the legacy POP protocol for emails. If you or your business relies on POP3 protocol for email, you unfortunately cannot use the default mail client. If you use Windows 8, you could always install a desktop email client to handle POP3, but how about if you use Windows RT, like the Surface RT? Well, Skycap Mail has you covered. According to the publishers, the app is able to handle full POP3 and IMAP protocols for anyone who needs it. And because this is a Windows Store app, it works on Windows RT as well! It is a paid app, but it offers a trial, so go ahead and take it for a spin!


Are you one of those millions of people that were quick to adopt Windows 8, but was left disappointed to find out that not a single email client existed that could provide support for both POP3 and IMAP?

Perhaps you did find a suitable email client, but discovered that it could not run on Windows RT devices.

We were too and that’s why Codelogic (Pty) Ltd created Skycap Mail.

Skycap Mail is the ONLY  fully featured email…


  1. Automatically synchronise emails in the background. Get notified as new emails arrive. View live tile updates of unread emails on your desktop. View badge updates of unread emails on your lock screen.
  2. Add multiple mail accounts for both POP3 and IMAP. Out of the box support for adding Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL mail accounts.
  3. Automatic discovery of email settings for sending and receiving email, just by providing your email address and password. If automatic discovery fails, you can manually configure your settings.
  4. Filter unread, read and flagged emails. Search mails by sender, recipients, subject and content.
  5. Turn on and off features and update account settings from the Account settings charm.
  6. Manually sync emails on demand.
  7. Create, Rename and Delete mailbox folders. Move emails between folders as well.
  8. Select all emails in a selected mailbox. Mark emails as read/unread/junk/deleted or flag them.
  9. Restore junk emails back to inbox. Delete emails and restore deleted emails back to inbox.
  10. Create new mails. Reply, Reply to All or Forward emails to other recipients.
  11. Send emails from any connected account. Select contacts to send to from Windows People (To, Cc, and/or Bcc) .
  12. Send emails as plain text or html, with low, medium or high priority. Add attachments. Save to drafts.
  13. Format html emails, using different Fonts, font styles, sizes and colour. Set the text alignment. Insert images and links.

Download it here: Skycap Mail