Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the McAkins Online app for Windows, available for download right now from the Windows Store. With the McAkins Online app for Windows, you can view great Windows app recommendations, Windows Tips and Ticks, technology discussions, and more!

Download it here:

Here’s a message from the creator of McAkins Online:

Started this whole thing in the eighties, watched the birth of Microsoft and Apple as garage hobbyists to the present age of megalomanic money-driven Tech giants! Seen everything from Gallium Arsenide Junctions to FETs, from MOSFETs to ICs, from ICs to CPUs, from CPUs to APUs and what’s beyond.

We are the generation that saw Earth transform from barbarians to Space-dwellers, we saw communication transform from smoke signals in Africa to the jumping jeosophats at the Speed of Light.

Welcome to my world, my passion and my dreams. Its been an incredible journey, and all the time worth the while!

Technology Specialist and Senior Net Citizen.


  • Get cool Windows app recommendations
  • Find great Windows tips and tricks
  • Read technology discussions and opinions
  • Search the app using the search charm
  • Share articles from the app using the share charm
  • Bookmark articles by right-clicking from within the article

System requirements

  • Internet connection is required to use this app
  • 1 GHz CPU or better
  • 1 GB RAM or better

Supported processors

x86, x64, ARM


English (United States)