EA Sports has continued its trend of virtual collegiate football games with its new NCAA Football 14, set for early release on July 5th & general release July 9th. The 21st version of the virtual collegiate football game holds new features from Ultimate Team playing mode to new “more human-like” animations by players. Ultimate Team mode contains over 1,400 past players to allow the gamer to make the true ultimate team. These players include; Calvin Johnson, Tim Tebow, Mark Ingram, Peyton Manning & many more. EA Sports also has a new addition to how they market where to buy from. When buying online through EA Sports they give you an option of which retailer to purchase from but what’s the difference between Target & Amazon or Best Buy & Walmart? Not price, but what Ultimate Team package you receive with the game. Though, with achievements or console points you have the opportunity to purchase the Ultimate Player packages they are included with the game depending on where you buy it. If you’re looking for the ACC Ultimate Team package than you’re going to want to buy from Target. If SEC is your choice than Game Stop is the place for you.

Game Presentation

Another key feature that EA Sports has zeroed in on is the Presentation side of the game. With a whole new design and more realistic features than ever before they have once again continually innovated the NCAA Football series. Seeing the same intro [just with different team names and colors] was getting old to some users even after the overhaul last year that didn’t fulfill every teams realistic pre-game atmosphere. Now, EA Sports has integrated more real-life sights & sounds into the game. From Georgia Tech’s “Yellow Jacket” chant at kickoff to Jump Around at Camp Randall at the end of the 3rd QTR and the traditional Zombie Nation played at almost every football stadium in the country. One of the biggest complaints EA Sports had was that pre-game festivities took too long, especially in “Play Now” mode. They’ve taken the time of the intros from 2-3 minutes to a more reasonable 30 seconds while still including the traditions of each individual stadium.


One of the biggest things to consumers of these games are uniforms. Let’s face it, you’re not going to want to play with Oregon’s jerseys from 1990. You want all 500+ combinations of Oregon uniforms from helmet to cleats. Not only does NCAAF 14 include the newest jerseys as of its publishing date, EA Sports promises that users will have updates all through the 2013 football season to ensure their users have access to the best and most recent uniforms. Included in this gameplay update is additions to the the option offense. With over 20 new option styles the realistic level of the game has increased by well over the expected rate. Also one of the more talked about features it the improvement of CPU decision making. A lot of users had complained about pitch times, throwing decisions and other vital decisions being inaccurate in single-player, Heisman level mode so EA Sports has also upped the humanistic features of the CPU.

NCAA14_feature_overview_feature3-athleteDynasty mode is one of the most played modes in NCAA Football and EA Sports expects it to continue that way especially with its improved layout and overall look of recruitment and game layouts. With this new layout comes a new recruitment system called Power Recruiting. With this new system, coaches [user of dynasty] are given 5,000 points each week during the regular season to distribute throughout the targeted recruits. With a cap of 500 points per player per week & a smaller limit on scholarships & visits coaches will have to be much more wiser and make smarter decisions when choosing who and when to recruit.

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