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Wowza! Microsoft just released a SharePoint MX App for the Enterprise for Windows 8. With this app you can follow all the SharePoint News sites you’ve subscribed to at work. You can respond to messages and upload pictures. They also salted the app a bit with Social features. You can now mention people with @Name tag and tag keywords with harshtags. Here is the full test description from the Store:


SharePoint Newsfeed lets you stay connected to your organization’s social pulse while on the go. You can easily navigate your feeds and interact with the conversations from SharePoint sites you are following.
Note: The SharePoint Newsfeed app works with SharePoint 2013 and the new SharePoint Online. Previous versions of SharePoint are not supported.
When you are signing in, you will need your username, password.
If you are having issues signing in, please contact your company’s SharePoint administrator to inquire about the proper credentials.


  • Keep up with your colleagues’ latest posts and comments
  • Create new posts to share updates or ask questions
  • @mention a colleague or include #hashtag in your posts
  • Upload pictures
  • Discover the profile of anyone from your feed
  • Follow along with the newsfeed while staying productive in other apps by snapping to the side of your screen.
  • Share from other apps to your newsfeed.

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Well, we are glad MS is gradually pulling the Enterprise into the Metro world. A lot of Enterprise workers are now carrying tablets around, and most especially Windows 8 Tablets, with these tools, value is being added daily to Metro at the workplace. We welcome this development. Keep it coming Microsoft.

You can download the app now via the Store link below.

Source: Windows Store