If there’s one Metro App that I use more than others after the Twitter App in the Windows Store, it is the Discourse App. This is my unsung hero App that I use to catch-up on news after I have been away for too long online. Here is one app to easily aggregate your News-world. You’ve heard everyone howling about the death of Google-feeds, if you’ve known this app, you know you have no need to fear as you can download your google-feeds into this app and be chucking along just fine.

Now, the app has upped the ante just a lot more with this latest update. There is so much features to this app, I’ll just copy-paste it for you as follows:

Release notes

New in this update:
1. Use SkyDrive to automatically keep Discourse in sync across your PCs and to provide an online backup of your sections etc. NOTE: Synchronization happens as sections are refreshed – it is not immediate (you can, of course, manually refresh to sync immediately).
2. Improved Import/Export of OPML. OPML can now be used to import sections as well as feeds.
3. A new "Recent Tiles" section shows the articles recently shown on your live tiles
4. Each column in the columns view now has "hot corners" at the top.
   – Tap the left corner for save toggling, Tap the right corner for read/unread toggling.
5. Optional in-app browser (enable/disable using settings charm)
6. Share either a link to an article or the full content (just tap the share icon within the article to choose, rather than using the share charm directly)
7. Unread counts now appear in the sections menu
8. Performance and memory improvements and bug fixes.
Many thanks to everyone who contacted – it’s the very best way to get the fixes and features you want. Special thanks to Miguel, Dustin and Denny.

For those of you new to Discourse, the following is the full detail:





Discourse lets you to keep up with your favorite news sources (including feeds from Twitter lists and searches) in a clear, picture-rich, easy to read newspaper-like format.
Create your own ‘Sections’ of news, combining one or more of the large number of included feeds, a topic of interest, Twitter searches and lists, or by searching for and adding fully custom feeds of your own.
You’ll get great readability of the full content, images too, for the majority of articles right from within Discourse, even for custom and Twitter feeds.
Discourse can automatically keep you in sync across your PCs by saving Sections, Feeds, Saved Stories and Read articles to your SkyDrive if you wish. As sections are refreshed they will be  synced.
A selection of visual themes are included if you prefer more variety (including Dark, of course).
Other features:
– Share individual articles into Discourse using the Share charm from other apps so you can read them later. If you have SkyDrive saving enabled they will automatically be synced.
– Support for many audio and video podcasts (those with audio and video enclosures)
– Optimized for great execution on Surface & Windows RT machines
– Pin a live tile to your start screen for sections, including custom sections (Twitter feeds currently not supported for live tiles).
– Import and Export your RSS and Atom feeds (as OPML files) and section definitions (as SECTIONS files). You can also export and import from SkyDrive, just use the picker and choose SkyDrive.
– Search for articles across your sections using the "Search Charm".
– You can also save pages to Discourse’s "Saved Stories" section so you can read them later, offline, at your leisure.
– Highly configurable via the settings charm.
– Twitter search required a Twitter account and uses the standard twitter search syntax. Details here:
Privacy policy:


Full content, news and Twitter reader, using clear presentation for great readability

Combine your own custom feeds, including from Twitter, with the large number included

Discourse can keep in sync across your PCs by using your SkyDrive

‘Topic Sections’ use keywords to maintain a set of up-to-date news articles about a particular topic. (Powered by Bing, Google and Yahoo)

‘Twitter Sections’ use the powerful search and List facilities of Twitter to bring Tweets into Discourse (Twitter account required). Discourse will give you the full readable content of links in many

Import your Twitter Lists as Discourse sections right from the main Discourse page – just use the AppBar.

Import whole sections and individual feed subscriptions from Google Reader: Do it soon, before Google Reader is shut down in July.

Share your section definitions and articles with others using the Share Charm

For $2.99, this app is a steal. Really. And I can testify that it is actively being developed and improved. How do I know? Cause I am one of the beta tester for the app.

Download the app now in the Store from the following source link:

Source: Windows Store