Hey what have we here?! Here is a nice tool from the Store for sharing your thoughts and collaborate with friends any part of the World. It is a perfect tool for Students and Teams all around the world as you can share with up to 2000 computers. Here is the full feature of the app as described in the Store:

Shared Whiteboard lets you project your whiteboard to computers near you or around the world.  Never needs ink, automatically saves, what more could you ask?  Collaborate now!

Connect up to 2000 computers
Playback recorded whiteboards
QR-Code video linking
Supports small tablets up to 60-inch touchscreens
Share charm link to any social network
Touch and stylus aware
See name and picture of participants
Automatically saved to the cloud
Animated tutorials





The app is at 2mb not that big for a graphic app, and with the introductory price of FREE, you can’t afford to let go. So go get it now in the Store via the link below.

Source: Windows Store