Microsoft has published 4 Cool Apps in the Store from the @Demo Conference that just took place in San Francisco. One of this app is KinectHealth. An app that is dedicated to your health by making use of Camera and accelerometer technology in your mobile devices. A quick correction for what most of you might be thinking. This app has nothing to do with Microsoft’s Kinect. It’s a funny thing MS allowed the use of this name as it is a trademark. But that’s another story entirely. I can envision somewhere in the future when this app will be able to make use of the real Kinect for Windows device. I guess it’s a forward looking app in this case. Anyways, here is the full description from the Store:


Virtual fitness studio with dozens of workouts.  Find the right workout, track your progress with the webcam and workout with friends.  You will find warm up, beginner, advanced and cool down exercises in this unique app which uses your webcam to keep track of your workout intensity.


Webcam tracking to track calories

Track number of sessions, calories burned and more

Workout with friends

Good for all levels of fitness

You definitely need to give this app a try if you are needing encouragement to start a fitness program. It comes loaded with Workout videos and if you have buddy you guys can train together as you can read. What’s more, this app is free of charge for now.

Download the app now in the Store via the following link.

Source: Windows Store