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As you know, the popular video editing program is on the rout to become the best, free, video editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is a Kickstarter campaign happening right now, and, at the time of this writing, there is still a few hours to back this project! However, we thought we would speak with the creator himself, Mr. Jonathan Thomas, about this software and the goals for this Kickstarter campaign.

Hello Mr. Thomas!

Thanks for taking the time to answer these some of our questions. My hope is that our readers can get a more clear understanding of OpenShot and why this project is important from a personal level.

OpenShot has been a very popular application for Linux. However, there are many Windows users who have never heard of OpenShot. Can you describe to us what OpenShot is?

OpenShot is a free, open source, non-linear video editor. It has a simple interface, but many powerful video editing features. It easy enough for children to use, but powerful enough to build quite complex videos.

What goal are you trying to achieve by doing a Kickstarter campaign for OpenShot?

My primary goal for Kickstarter was to offset the cost and risk of making OpenShot a cross-platform application. But since we’ve been able to raise much more than initially planned, we are going to add some very awesome new features, that will make OpenShot much easier to use and more powerful. My favorite new feature is the ability to distribute the video editing processing tasks among many computers in your house (or business), to increase the speed of previewing and rendering.

I, personally, have not found a suitable, free, video editing solution for Windows. The best thing most Windows users have is Windows Movie Maker; let’s face it, Movie Maker is not the solution we want for a professional grade video editor. Do you agree? How well, do you think, can OpenShot meet this need?

I agree that Movie Maker is a very basic video editor that is not capable of many common tasks, such as layering a 3+ tracks of audio, or exporting in common formats. So, in those ways, I think OpenShot will find lots of happy users that need something more powerful than Movie Maker, but don’t want to pay for a top of the line commercial solution.

We know OpenShot is already widely available for Linux. For the readers who are not technically savvy, in laymen’s term, why is porting an existing application to Windows and Mac so costly?

Porting an application is always full of risks, such as other libraries being incompatible or unstable, toolkits (i.e. buttons, windows, dropdowns) not working correctly, installers, etc… In our case, we had to re-write a large portion of OpenShot to even make cross-platform a possibility.

Many readers of our website are huge fans of Windows 8. We cover lots of cool new Windows 8 apps. What are your plans for porting OpenShot or a subset of OpenShot to the new WinRT Platform in the future? VideoLAN, for example, is making a WinRT version of their popular media player, VLC.

My initial goal is to get OpenShot working on Windows 8, with installers, documentation, and make it as stable and fast as possible. WindowsRT is a possibility, as well as Android and other OSes, but I have not researched what additional work would be required for those yet.

Is there anything else you want to tell the readers?

If you are interested in video editing, and want to help us test OpenShot on Windows, please take a look at our Kickstarter as soon as possible, and get involved! We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Thanks so much for your time! We really appreciate what you are doing and can’t wait to get our hands on OpenShot for Windows. I pray to the Lord for the best!


We really appreciate his time. If you like what this project is doing and want an awesome video editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux, back OpenShot now! I did, and I am glad it is happening!

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