Today I am embroiled in some kind of nostalgia, we are celebrating today the launch of the first ever re-usable Rocket-ship into Space. It was an enormous undertaking for NASA and giant step for humanity in general as it was a radical departure from how we normally did Space tech.

Yours truly was just a young nerd then, with an incredibly insatiable curiosity for Technology. I didn’t become a nerd as an adult, as some of you might have read in my About page. I was inquisitive about anything tech. As a young African boy I was one of the few that was allowed into the American Embassy to watch NBC News. I was a known face there in the Embassy library, as I have devoured all the tech books at the local library, so I regularly visit the American Embassy library which was always full of new stuffs.

So I usually stay behind to watch the NBC News Nightly on Technology. I was particularly fond of news on the Building the new Space Shuttle. I watched it built from scratch to finish. And of course the joy of seeing the Lift-Off on April 12 1981. That night, right there and then I decided I would be an astronaut. Too bad that dream didn’t come true. But those are the things that influence a budding technologist in my formative years, to make me what I am today.

Thank you NASA for great inspirations and leading humanity in this Next Frontier. Keep the Wheel turning. Keep taking us where “No Man Has Gone Before”

Happy celebrations all you NASA fans!

STS-1 Launch 1981–A new Dawn