There has been news lately about AT&T and Verizon jumping in on a purchase for Vodafone Group PLC. Verizon though recently denied the claim that they were taking part of this $245bil buyout of Vodafone. The rumors floating around sent Verizon Shares up in trading yesterday April 3rd, 2013 as speculation of this would mean a big boost for potential revenue and profits. Verizon though looking to keep the record straight came out to refute the claim that they were taking part of this large deal. This in turn sent Verizon shares down.

Would this have been a good idea though? I honestly think this would have been a wise move on the part of Verizon especially considering the potential gain of customers and new revenue found from this $245bil purchase. The aspect of gaining more coverage area for users would also be a big plus. Now, Verizon Communications who does business as a few other entities such as Verizon Wireless, is already doing business with Vodafone through it’s cellular branch Verizon Wireless. It would only make sense that Verizon jump in on this deal despite the stagering price attached to this buyout plan. AT&T is currently the only confirmed major firm jumping in on this buyout which will become of big benefit for the same reasons it would benefit Verizon.

What are your thoughts on this? Should Verizon jump in on this deal for the potential that it offers or should they back off like they have and continue with the plans which they have for their subsidiary groups like Verizon Wireless? Let us know in the comments below.