We all have those gadgets we don’t “need” but we feel that they encourage us to do better or they give us a sense of security. The Nike+ FuelBand was given to me for my birthday this year and it’s a really neat device. It shows; fuel points earned, calories burned, current time, steps made, and displays a message when you reach your goal of fuel points for the day.

The device allows you to set a goal via mobile device [Bluetooth] or computer [USB cable] which will come into effect the next calendar day. Once the day begins your Nike Fuel points will reset to 0. Here’s where some trouble may occur. Even though the Fuel Band gives you points for being active and moving around it gives you points for just waving your arm in the air. Though this is a small issue, as long as the user doesn’t intentionally wave his arm around to get more points it should still be an accurate result.

As you obtain more points the lights on the top of the band will increase from left to right showing you a scale model of your goal. [The more lights the closest you are to reaching your goal] Once you reach your goal a message will appear on the device that says “GOAL” and you can enjoy a celebration with the Nike guy [who resembles the old Cingular Wireless person in the logo]. Throughout the day or once every few days you can sync your Fuel Band with your mobile device to view your progress from the time you begin using your device. The battery has lasted me a week at times, which is really convenient. The charger that comes with it [pictured below] is a USB Cable. It has the ability to charge by being connected to a computer or a wall plugin.

Though the design of the product is innovative it’s price is a drawback. Listed at $149.95 on the Apple Store it will put a dent in your wallet. The Nike+ Fuel Band is a great gift for any active person from the age of 13 and up. If you’re trying to improve your daily activity and continuously improve it can be a great encouragement to Just Do It™.

Shown Above: Fuel Band Extension, Fuel Band Extension Device, Charging cord, Nike Fuel Band