Wow! An awesome update just dropped in the Store for AppSwitch. For those of you that doesn’t know, AppSwith is the app to make you switching to Microsoft platform from competing platforms as painless as possible. the App suggests easy replacements for your dearly beloved Apps on iOS and Android platforms. Have you already switched, and you’ve found some awesome replacement in the Store, you can also suggest in this current version to app developers.

This update includes GUI improvements to make features easily accessible. Visual cues everywhere to aid discoverability. In-app Store, better Snapped View support, better Search Charm support etc etc. The improvements are just too much to mention here. What’s more, the app is still free despite these awesomeness but you need to bear with non-intrusive Ads of course.

Use the main menu to browse matches and featured apps.

Browse latest, popular and top rated.

Found a great replacement? Why not share it?

Help to make this app greater by suggesting  your discovery to the Devs.

Download now in the store via the source link below.

Source: Windows Store