As we all know, Apple has been generating a lot of news lately. And not merely just for it’s new devices or even the next greatest watch, the iWatch. The area in which Apple in generating news is where it has been for the past 4 or 5 years. Apple is very well known for stirring up a fuss when competitors threaten in any way their product. The first knee jerk response? Sue Samsung.

Though there have been other companies at the center of Apple controversy, Samsung has been the most popular victim in Apple’s suing rampage. Samsung alone has probably faced 10 different patent lawsuits against them from Apple. Anywhere from their UI (User Interface), to the design of their phones and tablets. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love Apple products and I do love Samsung products as well. I’m an equal opportunity technology user.

It seems though, that judges are getting rather tired of these continual lawsuits and patent fights and apparently so in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Just recently the USPTO invalidated another Apple patent for a “Bounce-back” feature. According to SlashGear who posted an article about this earlier stated that this isn’t the first time that the USPTO has done this. Patent #7,469,381 was invalidated by the USPTO back in October of last year, and since Apple’s appeal to the invalidation, they have invalidated it once again. SlashGear also reported that Apple used this patent against 21 Samsung devices that infringed on the patent but also that 19 Samsung smartphones in particular directly used it.

Apple, like always is appealing this invalidation stating “381 patent reexamination is far from conclusion.” This invalidation has helped Samsung financially in the matter that these invalidations have reduced the total fine that they have to pay Apple which started our as a stagering 1.1bil.