Apple CEO, Tim Cook signed a letter of apology to Apple consumers in China which was discovered on Apple’s website Tuesday morning by Techtronica staff. Thanks to Google Translate we were able to find that Apple’s apology consisted of encouraging words to the China version of Apple’s website including,

“We express our sincere apologies for any concerns or misunderstandings this gives consumers”

The reason this statement was issued by Apple is due to the extensive complaints received by Apple consumers and the Chinese media. Some media outputs have called apple arrogant, selfish and simply care-free about their customer’s post-purchase experience. Another door Apple has opened to its critics is its current warranty for Apple products in China. China requires all producers of electronic devices to have a [minimal] 2 year warranty on all products though Apple’s current policy only covers 1 year. Also included in the letter is a confirmation of the current policy in place for Mac computer motherboards and other major components.

“[We have been able to] provide 2 year warranty for the MacBook Air and Mac computer motherboards and other major components”

Though Chinese consumers are just now seeing this message it will take time for Apple to repair its reputation with its warranties for its Chinese consumers.